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Our Founder's grandparents were entrepreneurs (Sarah and Horace Stephens) dating back to the 1940’s, and they spent a lot of time in their store, Stephens Pharmacy. Holidays were the only time that they really had a chance to come together as a family and enjoy the fellowship of one another. Bupé, our Founder, remembers being in the kitchen with her grandma baking all the desserts that she "Suggested" everyone would want to enjoy (everyone would be her) for the holidays. She and her grandma would take an ice cream break while the desserts were baking.

Bupé experienced a plethora of food allergies throughout her lifetime but in many cases she chose to eat her favorite snacks/foods and deal with the consequences later that day. One night after work she was in the grocery store looking for ice cream that did not have the ingredients and fillers that triggered her food allergies; there were none to be found. Standing in front of the freezers in the ice cream aisle, she imagined all the flavors she would want to eat. The next day she decided to create an ice cream brand that would satisfy the pickiest of eaters… her, her taste buds, and that would give her that spark of nostalgia of she and her grandma baking desserts for the holidays and eating ice cream, their favorite past time.

Bupé soon realized that others enjoyed the ice cream as much as she did, and they began telling others about their favorite flavors. So many people comment how great it is to have a frozen dessert in the market that embodies African American culture or southern cuisine and triggers the precious memories they cherish from their childhood. On the other end of the spectrum, there are others that enjoy embracing a new spin on an old favorite, ice cream. Then there are those, like her, that have food allergies or chose to practice a healthier option without many of the things that come along with processed foods.
It’s humbling to be a part of something that brings people of different cultures, backgrounds, and health journeys together especially during a time like now, considering everything that has gone on with COVID-19. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones will find as much joy in our ice cream that we have experienced.

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